Facility Guide

Facilities and equipment for learning the latest specialized technology

  • Sonic Hall

    A multimedia hall for hosting various school and non-school related events such as concerts and theater performances.
    The hall can accommodate up to 300 people, supports Internet broadcasting, and has a 5.1-channel sound system

  • Sonic Hall・Green Room

    It’s equipped with a performer waiting room which is also a space for rehearsals similar to actual stage productions.

  • Dome Hall

    A multi-purpose space for meetings, seminars, and a sound laboratory.

  • Kitanosaka Studio(Control Room)

    Equipped with professional equipment and the latest recording systems
    Real-time recording in the Sonic Hall is also possible

  • Kitanosaka Studio(Recording Studio)

    Supports recording of various audio sources from pop to the classics.
    Used by professionals to record CDs, commercials, movies and others.

  • Multi Audio Room

    Audio (speeches, sound effects, music, narrations, etc.) is added to finish up anime, movie, and other video projects.

  • Industrial Design Laboratory

    Fully equipped with 3D printing and laser processing equipment to work on projects. This is a gallery-like space where interior products and other student works are displayed.

  • Multimedia PC Laboratory Ⅰ

    Support for practical studies from software programming to information system design and from independent design to group work

  • Game Programming Laboratory Ⅱ

    Lab equipped with a development environment for original games

  • Fudosaka Studio

    A live action studio that can also support video recording, digital editing, and chroma key compositing using a blue background

  • Performance Studio I

    An indispensable studio for learning skills for whole body expression. An underfloor cushion reduces strain on the body.

  • Foley Studio

    A dedicated studio for recording various sound effects such as footsteps and rubbing noises that are indispensable in videos

  • Digital Sound Laboratory Ⅰ

    Equipped with the latest equipment to realize a professional environment.Complete support with 5.1-channel surround system.

  • Collaboration Studio

    Equipped with four booths, used for various work such as post-recording, program production, narration recording

  • 3DCG Laboratory Ⅰ

    This lab produces student works, making use of the same 3D video software used in world-class video productions.

  • Hardware Laboratory

    Students learn everything from the basics to applications of electronic circuits. Students can understand circuit creation theory with their own hands.

  • CAD(Computer Aided Design) Laboratory Ⅰ

    Using CAD (design development software), students learn how to create drawings and architectural CG perspectives.

  • Graphics Laboratory Ⅰ

    Students learn everything from color, layout, marking, fonts and other design aspects to practical techniques for web design and DTP.