International student dormitory

Dormitories are available for all international students in the Department of Japanese and Kobe Denshi

Period of stay 6 months for new students in principle (9 months for new students in July)
Dormitory type 1 DK, 2 DK ( 2 people per room in principle)
Amenities air conditioner, washing machine, refrigerator, bed, desk, chair, gas stove
Dormitory fee
  • JPY 240,000 for 6 months (includes rent and internet fee)
  • JPY 345,000 yen for 9 months (includes rent and internet fee)

(Water and utility bills are to be paid by the individual)

Location Two to ten minutes on foot from school buildings

The daily expense of a student in Kobe

Daily Schedule

  1. 9:00~9:50

    The first lesson

  2. 10:00~10:50

    The second lesson

  3. 11:00~11:50

    The third lesson

  4. 12:00~12:50

    The forth lesson

  5. Lunch break

  6. 13:30~14:20

    The fifth lesson

  7. 14:30~15:20

    The sixth lesson

  8. After school

    leisure time,
    such as part-time job、
    playing, etc.

The expenses for one month: (Japanese Yen)

Family Support : JPY 80,000

Part-time Job: About JPY 100,000
(It’s different according to the type of part-time job)
House Rent JPY 30,000
Water and utility bills JPY 10,000
Mobile bill JPY 5,000
Board JPY 40,000
Entertainment JPY 15,000