Voice of International students

  • Di XU

    Department of Information & Business

    Di XU

    International student from China

    Takuto Inc.
    Job Title

    Took lots of licenses while in school

  • Yuk Geunhyeok

    Department of Information Engineering

    Yuk Geunhyeok

    International student from Korea

    Because it’s what I like I can pursue it passionately I entered Kobe Denshi with an interest in circuits. When I was a first-year student, I made a robot arm from a circuit and a program. I like making things, so I was tireless absorbed in complete it. Right now, I’m narrowing my interest to automotive circuits. A person’s life is their own. We should enjoy what we want to do!

  • Zhi ZHENG

    Department of Game Software

    Zhi ZHENG

    International student from China

    Work History
    Cyber Connect2 Inc.
    Square Enix Inc.
    Job Title
    Game Programmer
  • Chun LI

    Department of Information & Business

    Chun LI

    International student from China

    LC Trading Inc.
    Job Title

    The knowledge of finance and management is very useful to business.
    After studying Japanese, I studied at Kobe Denshi for one year as an international student. Knowledge and skills in bookkeeping, accounting, management and giving presentations are very helpful for running a company in Japan. Another useful asset is friends. I hope to hire one of my classmates as an employee in the future.

  • Graduated in 2015

    Department of Digital Animation

    Yang Ting-wen

    International student from Taiwan (left in the photo)

    Ge GAO

    International student from China (middle in the photo)

    Xi XU

    International student from China (right in the photo)

    Job Title
    Animation works
    < Gonna be the Twin-Tail!! >; <date a live Ⅱ>; <Sora no Otoshimono Final: Eternal My Master>; <Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha>

    Enrolled into the department of sound create in March 2018.


    International student from Italy

    My story has to go back to my childhood. There has been some kind of connection between Japan and me, because I have been interested in Japanese culture and Japanese language since I remembered. Because of that, I decided to major in the Japanese language at a university in Italy.

    I love music very much, so I have been producing music by myself since a long time ago. It is meaningful for me to study music at Kobe Denshi in Japan. I released my music with a stage name “Yumeaki” during the time of Kobe Denshi.

    It is important to learn the Japanese language and Japanese culture in a lecture, but it is more important that you actually experience them by yourself. Living in Kobe combining with Japanese culture and other cultures would give you some exciting ideas which you cannot get in other places.