Student Support System

Support system for students coming to Japan

  • Airport Pickup: School staff will meet you at Kansai International Airport.
  • Tour of student dormitory and surrounding area: On the arrival day, school staff will show you the dormitory facilities and give a tour of the area from the dormitory to the school.
  • Alien Resident Registration and National Insurance Application: School staff will accompany you to the Ward office and assist with the procedures for these applications.
  • Assistance with bank account creation: To ensure that new students can start living in Japan smoothly, school staff will accompany you to the bank and open an account together.
  • Provide information and guidance on part-time jobs
  • Guidance and counseling: Support for lifestyle issues such as illnesses and other troubles
  • Department of Japanese students:

    Students can purchase a school commuter pass.
    Students can purchase JR student discount tickets.
    International students can get bus discount tickets for Hyogo Prefecture and Kobe City.
    Students can use facilities such as museums in Hyogo Prefecture and Kobe City for free or at a discount.