Department of Industrial Design (2 Years)

Main content of study for each academic year

First year

Solidify the basics of 3D CAD and design and acquire skills that can be widely used in industrial design.

Second year

Acquire advanced understanding of product planning & development in line with business practices and aim for immediate employment in the industry.

Department of Architecture & Interior
  • Features01

    • Acquire advanced 3D CAD skills that are indispensable at manufacturing sites!
    • Gain work experience with corporate collaboration assignments and commercialization while at school!
    • Excellent employment rate through learning skills demanded by the industry!
  • Aiming for Certificates02

    • Certification of 3D CAD engineer

Career after Graduation

  • Engineering Field
    3D CAD Modeler / 3D CAD Engineer / Mechanical Design
  • Design Field
    Production Designer / 3D CAD Designer