Department of Architecture & Interior (2 Years)

Program and Course

  • Architecture Design Course
  • Interior Design Course

Main content of study for each academic year

First year

Learn the basics of CAD and architectural CG production and acquire essential skills for practical work.

Second year

Take on large-scale architectural design, aiming to be ready for work in the construction industry.

Department of Industrial Design
  • Features01

    • System to guarantee passing as 2nd-grade licensed architect
    • Employment guarantee system: 100% professional employment rate
    • Detail design drawings: Practical education for seeking employment
    • Top-level quality architectural CG
    • Acquire high skills in small classes
    • Practical training
  • Aiming for Certificates02

    • 1st-grade licensed architect
    • 2st-grade licensed architect
    • Interior Coordinator Examination
    • Interior Planer
    • First-grade Architectural management engineer
    • Second-grade Architectural management engineer
    • Certification Test for Housing Environment Coordinator for Elderly and Disabled People
    • Architect CAD Certificate Examination
    • Certification of CAD engineer
    • Test in Color Coordination

Career after Graduation

  • Design Field・Other Field
    Licensed Architect / Interior Designer / Computer Graphic Designer / Structural Design / Construction Management / Business