Department of Information Technology

Program and Course

4 Years

IT Expert Program

3 Years

IT Specialist Program

2 Years

Information Process Program

AI System Development Program
Department of Information Technology

Main content of study for each academic year
(Except AI System Development Program)

    • First year
      Fundamental programming studies and practice for national exams
    • Second year
      Master various programming languages and acquire more specialized skills
    • Third year
      Gain the power to develop systems, IT services and apps through PBL (Project Based Learning)
    • Fourth year
      Through full-scale development projects and internships, acquire practical skills in planning and developing IT products and solving problems, and be awarded Advanced Diploma upon graduation.
  • Features01

    • Complete system to support acquisition of qualifications
    • Become industry-ready with a wealth of practical experience
    • By earning the Advanced Diploma, it is possible to get a job at an excellent IT company or enter graduate schools all over Japan
    • Good job prospects
  • Aiming for Certificates02

    • Registered Information Security Specialist Examination
    • Network Specialist Examination
    • Database Specialist Examination
    • Applied Information Technology Engineer Examination
    • Fundamental Information Technology Engineer Examination
    • Information Security Management Examination

Career after Graduation

  • Information Technology Engineer
    Programmer / System Engineer / Network Engineer / Security Engineer / Database Engineer / System Operation Manager / Website Build-out
  • Entering future education
    Transfer to a university (junior or senior) / Enter a graduate school

AI System Development Program(2 Years)

Main content of study for each academic year

    • First year
      Learn techniques for AI (artificial intelligence), IoT and Web service development through projects
    • Second year
      Acquire AI and other advanced skills for launching and operating IT services of the whole project from planning, design, even to development.
  • Features01

    • Project presentations attract attention from many companies
    • A wealth of practical experience
    • The ability to create a project portfolio is the greatest form of self-presentation
    • Be able to think about business using IT

Career after Graduation

  • Information Technology Engineer
    Programmer / System Engineer / AI Engineer / Web Engineer / Back-end Engineer / Internet of Things Engineer / System Integrator / Application System Engineer
  • Design field
    Web Designer / Front-end Engineer / Information Technology Architect / Information Technology Consulting / Start-up Engineer
  • Transfer to a university