Application for Overseas Applicants

International Applicants from Overseas

Application requirements
  1. 18 years old or older by the time of enrollment

  2. Have completed 12 years or more of school education in Japan or overseas, or have equivalent academic ability

  3. Have either Japanese proficiency certificate of the following tests

    • Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) N2 or higher
    • Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students (EJU) 200 points or higher
    • BJT Business Japanese  Proficiency Test 400 points or higher

Application procedure overview

  1. The applicant fills out and emails an interview questionnaire to the school.
  2. The school examines the interview questionnaire and conducts an interview to confirm basic information such as the desired field of study.
  3. The applicant fills out and emails an application form to the school.
  4. The school conducts an interview with the teacher in the desired field of study and issues a notice to applicants who pass the interview.(Interviews are held via Skype, Wechat, QQ, etc.)
  5. The applicant prepares the documents required for submission to the Immigration Service Agency of Japan. (Contact the school with any questions that arise when preparing documents for submission.)
  6. The applicant prepares and mails the required documents to Kobe Institute of Computing- College of Computing(KD).
  7. The school examines the submitted documents. And if there are no problems, submits an application for issuance of Certificate of Eligibility to the Immigration Service Agency of Japan.
  8. The school informs the applicant of the results of the application for issuance of Certificate of Eligibility.
  9. The applicant transfers their tuition and dormitory fees to the bank account of school if a Certificate of Eligibility is issued.
  10.  The school sends the applicant an admission certificate, the Certificate of Eligibility and other original documents after confirming payment.
  11. The applicant applies for the Student visa at their local Consulate-General of Japan with the admission letter and a Certificate of Eligibility and comes to the school on the date designated by the school.

*Please check the download materials separately (instructions for recruiting international students and admission overview, etc.).

If you are living in Japan, please refer to the information below.