Department of Game Software

Program and Course

4 years

Game Development & Research Program

3 Years

Game Engineer  Program

2 Years

Programming Program
Esports Engineer Program

Department of Game Software

Main content of study for each academic year(Except Esports)

    • First year
      Thoroughly acquire programming and basic academic skills targeted at the game industry
    • Second year
      Take on 3D game programming and practical game production for environments including Android
    • Third year
      Improve skills with a complete curriculum to be prepared for work in the industry!
    • Fourth year
      Study the latest technology and develop coding skills that can be used in the future
  • Features01

    • Program specialized curriculum focused on one point
    • Many opportunities for industry collaboration
  • Aiming for Certificates02

    • Fundamental Information Technology Engineer Examination
    • Information Security Management Examination
    • Information Technology Passport Examination
    • C-Language Programming Skills Qualification Test
    • Information Technology Certification Series

Esports Engineer Program

    • First year
      Planing of esports tournament & operation
    • Second
      Techniques of holding a virtual esports tournament and an actual esports tournament

Career after Graduation

  • Entering future education
    Video Game Industry / Information Technology Industry