Voice of International students

  • Kexin, WANG

    Department of Information Technology 2020

    Kexin WANG

    international student from China

    When the goal is set, focusing on the conquest

    In April 2019, I came to Kobe Denshi for studying Japanese through the cooperation project between Hebei Foreign Studies University and Kobe Denshi.When I came to Japan, I felt warm and sweet of teachers because I have been taken a good care of not only Japanese learning but also daily life.

    As an old saying goes, “All things are difficult before they are easy.” Although I felt overwhelming in the beginning, my student life in Japan went very well and became fruitful because of teachers’ helps. Two field trips in a year, tea ceremony classroom, the rice cake party of the new year festival, tea party of girl club, and Yukata party held by the school helped me further understand Japanese culture and strengthen my belief.

    Studying in Japanese department was very tiring, but instead my Japanese speaking skill improved very fast. For proceeding to higher education, Japanese department provides internal study system meaning students directly proceed to Kobe Denshi from Japanese department and practices of admission interview.

    I am very glad that I chose Kobe Denshi at that time. I hope that you can seize the opportunity and bravely take the first step to pursue your dreams.

  • Haowen WANG

    Department of Japanese 2019

    Haowen WANG

    international student from China

    Not Just a Teacher But a Friend

    I have been very interested in Japanese animation and video games since I was little boy.I was always longing for living in Japan, so I studied very hard to study abroad in Japan, which was my primary goal.After doing some research on Japanese language schools, I finally chose the department of Japanese of Kobe Denshi.

    I chose this school for some reasons such as comfortable environment, reasonable cost of living. The main reason is that the school cooperates with many famous video game companies and animation companies which means I can learn professional technique skills at this school and I also can take an internship at one of those companies to get work experience.

    When I just came to study in Japan, I was very poor at Japanese speaking, but it improved greatly only in three months because of interesting teaching methods.My teacher also recommended a part-time job for me. I gradually got used to Japanese society.

    In addition to Japanese learning, there are a lot of activities like Yukata party, Soba party, and rice cake party for the new year festival. Those activities gave me a lot of beautiful memories.

    Moreover, I also actively take apart in enterprise seminars and learn technical terms of Game field when I am available. I believe that Kobe Denshi will help you succeed if you have a specific goal with full of passion. Finally, I want to share a quote “If you have a dream, please don’t give up. A hero is a person who can conquer all difficulties at any time.

  • Luoqiaoyu WANG

    Department of Japanese 2018
    Admitted to Kyoto Seika University

    Luoqiaoyu WANG

    international student from China

    The future is up to you

    The reason why I came to Japan was I liked animation when I was a child. And later I was attracted to Japanese two-dimensional culture and fashion trends. Because of my passions for Japanese art, I decided to go to an art university in Japan.

    In my opinion, language schools provide a good learning environment. A perfect educational environment with Japanese is a teaching mode that cannot be achieved by domestic training institutions. In the department of Japanese of Kobe Denshi, I met gentle, careful and nice teachers, and felt the teaching attitude of consideration for students. Not only that, the school often hold activities for us to experience traditional Japanese culture, such as Yukata experience, tea ceremony, etc. We also played bowling, joined spring outing and autumn outing, and also spent a lot of fun time. Teachers were very responsible, we can achieve such excellent results under their leadership. I am very grateful to my teachers.

    Finally, I hope that students who want to go to Kobe Denshi in the future will not be afraid of unfamiliar environment. With hopes and dreams, please believe that you will do better. Don’t be nervous for future, and do your best, you will get what you want with effects.


    Department of Japanese 2017
    Department of 3DCG Animation  2018


    international student from Taiwan

    Stick to the way you choose and never give up

    I grew up with playing Japanese video games and watching Japanese animations, so I had dream living in Japan one day.

    The reason why I chose Kobe Denshi is that the school has not only the departments regarding animation and video game but also the department of Japanese. Scholarship systems and simplified admission application are provided for international students. They saved me a lot of troubles so that I could concentrate on studying Japanese.

    After admitted into 3DCG animation department, I, from out of the country, felt less stressed because the teachers are not boring and serious but funny and humorous when they teach in the class. Now I got a job successfully at an animation company in Japan with the help of Career Center of the school. I will work hard to make my dreams come true.


    Department of Japanese  2017 
    Department of Architecture & Interior Design 2019


    international student from Mongolian People’s Republic

    Strive to be who you want to be and be yourself with confidence

    Since I was young, I have been interested in foreign countries and foreign languages, so I chose to study Japanese when I was in the university. To enhance my Japanese proficiency, I decided to go to the Japanese department of Kobe Denshi. I studied Japanese with Chinese, Vietnamese, and Thai in the same class and we became classmates. Studying with students coming from foreign countries broadened my horizons. I also challenged service industry to get a part-time at a hotel. I am responsible for serving food and drinks at banquets and parties.

    I learned not only Japanese but also Japanese culture and customs through the part-time job. I also want to study professional skills in Japan, so I went abroad for studying. I joined open campus of our school when I studied at Japanese Department. I found that I was interested in the Department of Architecture and Interior. I was successfully admitted into Department of Architecture and Interior with Japanese teachers’ instructions.

    Although I did not know anything about Architecture when I first studied it, the teachers taught me what I did not understand patiently until I understood. Now I have learned a lot of knowledge such as CAD, architecture model and CG. I think I make progress every day.
    Please try to find out what you want to do in the future by yourself and do your best.