Voice of International Students

  • Xuelei JI

    Xuelei JI
    International student from China

    After graduating from a Japanese language program at a Chinese university and working as an interpreter at a company, I came to Japan in 2015. I’m studying fundamental IT skills at KIC so that I can find a job at a Japanese company in the future using those skills.

    Developing a system that allows foreigners in Japan to act correctly in the event of a disaster

    I studied Japanese at a university in China. After graduating, I worked as an interpreter at a company. That said, I came to feel my Japanese was still insufficient. I knew that learning from textbooks and television wasn’t the same as actually coming to Japan, so I decided to quit the company and study in Japan. I chose KIC because I wanted to learn IT from the basics, taking into account the current state of society where IT technology is advancing.

    Whenever I ask Mr. SUN a question, they answer in a clear, easy-to-understand manner. It is also encouraging that I can ask in Chinese when I don’t understand something, because I may not be able to understand some IT concepts in Japanese.

    Based on my own experience of not knowing what to do when an earthquake occurs in Japan, I am currently researching a disaster prevention system that will determine the situation during a disaster and support correct actions. There are many opportunities at KIC to create and present materials and I think that experience will be useful for my job search. After graduating, I will use my Chinese and IT knowledge as strengths to aim for a job in Japan.

  • Zhibin GU

    Zhibin GU
    International student from China

    I was born in Beijing, China. After studying digital media at university, I came to Japan. I studied in the KD Department of Japanese then studied Digital Animation. I changed from animation to IT engineering and entered KIC.

    Dreaming to become a web application programmer in Japan

    At first, I entered KD’s Digital Animation Department to become an animator, but I felt limited in my ability to draw so I entered KIC to improve my technical skills. Currently, I am studying web scraping, which is the automatic collection and analysis of information on the web.

    Learning the C programming language is important for system development, but first the purpose for developing the system needs to be defined. At KIC, there is also a class that investigates and analyzes what is needed by society. I like that I can learn both to discover challenges and goals and also gain IT expertise.

    My future dream is to become a web application programmer. I can’t use Google or Facebook in China, so I would like to find a job in Japan where I can make use of what I learned.At this school you can ask questions about anything you don’t understand, and the learning environment is good for international students. I think it’s important to consult with your teachers and talk to your friends.



    International student from Vietnam

    After studying IT in Vietnam, I came to Japan to learn about the latest IT technology. After a year and a half as a research student, I entered KIC. I want to work as a network engineer in Japan after completing my coursework.

    I studied network systems and programming at a vocational school and a junior college in Vietnam but decided to study in Japan to acquire advanced IT skills. KIC classes involve a lot of group work and we work with Japanese students and international students from China and other countries.

    Our shared language is Japanese and I feel that my Japanese ability is growing thanks to communicating in groups, writing reports, and making presentations. My research area is network security. I set up a honeypot on a Raspberry Pi and I am collecting data to find out how hackers run malware.

    The Yokoyama Lab has 3D printers and state-of-the-art equipment and you can always talk about your research with a knowledgeable and experienced teacher. This laboratory, which has serious yet free atmosphere, is perfect for me.

    It is one of my pleasures to be able to have various conversations with international students from Africa and Asia in the Innovator Course and these conversations also useful for my English studies.

  • Clifford Otieno Ochieng

    Clifford Otieno Ochieng

    International student of Republic of Kenya

    Participants of the lab come from diverse and culturally rich backgrounds i.e. Asian, Middle Eastern and African as well as academic and professional backgrounds including Architecture, Urban Planning, Civil Engineering and ICT. Consequently, interactions in the lab are rich in perspective of the developing world. nlLab conducts discussions through triangular approach (Instructor to students, Student to student, Students to Instructor)

    My research intends to examine Streetlights as a cyber-physical social system, a platform, an enabler of Smart Social cities. Through the research, I purpose to re-think the place of the streetlights as part of a continuously evolving and increasingly networked urban infrastructure that can enable cities to improve the quality of life of City-zens, address real needs with effective and long-term quality services.