Career Support

Yearly Employment Rate

We provide thorough support to ensure that all students are satisfied.

Year Employment Rate
March 2020 99.3%
March 2021 97.7%
March 2022 98.9%
  • Numerous job recruitment opportunities and on-campus information sessions
    Kobe Denshi receives more than 1,500 recruitment offers every year. In addition, we use of our connections to industry cultivated over 60 years of history and hold more than 400 on-campus company information sessions annually. Throughout the year, we hold on-campus company information sessions, portfolio guidance and also set up many other opportunities to aid in the search for employment.
    • Database matching
    • Personalized support
    • Improve awareness job search requirements early on
    • Extra support from department of study
  1. SEP

    • Job search information session
    • Purchase suit
    • Makeup seminar
  2. OCT

    Job search consultation
    Before starting the job search, a homeroom teacher will conduct a one-on-one discussion to understand your career aspirations.
    Job search guidance
    Get a detailed explanation of what you need to know for your job search
  3. NOV

    • Internship mediation
    • Mock interview (Basics)
    • Guidance on how to write resumes and emails
  4. DEC~

    • Mock interview [Applications]
    • Group discussion seminar
  5. 1st Year

  6. MAR~

    On-campus company information session
    Corporate information sessions bring over 400 companies annually. Get real-world information about trends in each industry, the kind of people that companies are looking for, descriptions of work and the secrets to success.

Company information sessions, interviews, etc. until graduation.