Department of Graphic Design (2 Years)

Program and Course

  • Web & Graphic Design Course
  • Video Promotion Course

Main content of study for each academic year

First year

Lessons developed for concrete step-by-step learning from the basics of design

Second year

Aim for design expression that can demonstrate originality

Department of Graphic Design
  • Features01

    • Take on practical courses with design companies and gain real practical skills that are advantageous for the job search
    • Learn the most important information organization and planning skills for designers in addition to design techniques and know how.
    • Through learning both paper and web design, gain a wide range of skills to expand your future job potential.
    • Homeroom system with professional full-time faculty who carefully nurture students into designers and provide support for everyday student life and job hunting in addition to classes
    • Solid education backed by numerous achievements
    • Participate in a world graphic design conference as a representative from Japan!
  • Aiming for Certificates02

    • CG Creator Certification Test
    • Desk Top Publishing Authorization
    • The Official Business Skill Test in Color Coordinator
    • Test in Color Coordination

Career after Graduation

  • Web Designer / Website coder / Graphic designer / Desktop Publishing Operator / Illustrator