Teaching Japanese while taking measures to prevent infection!

The Department of Japanese, as the name implies, is for international students who want to learn Japanese. Therefore, there are students from China, Taiwan, Vietnam, South Korea, Mongolia and other countries and regions.

As you know, all activities and events of department of Japanese have been canceled since last year due to the spread of coronavirus infection. In addition, the online class was held temporarily. However, the purpose of studying Japanese is to communicate well with Japanese people using the Japanese you learned, for that students can go to school and take face-to-face lessons, teachers have been following the infection prevention manual, they made lots of rules, such as: limiting the number of students in each classroom, planning new lesson method, making rules of break time, guiding how to go to and leave school, etc.

coming to school

When students come to school, the teacher will check the mask, disinfect and measure the temperature before entering the classroom.

Especially the temperature measurement, every day, the teacher will urge everyone to take the temperature at home before coming to school. Before entering the classroom, the teacher will take the students’ temperature again. At the same time, the teachers of the department of Japanese will also keep and collate temperature data of students.

During the class

Avoiding the “Three Cs” (Closed spaces, Crowed places, Close-contact setting), the desks in the classroom are spaced apart, and the classroom is always ventilated.

For conversation practice, which is the most important part of the class, the teacher has set up transparent vinyl sheets to hold group conversation so that students can have fun talking to each other.

The teacher actively uses smartphone apps to improve students’ conversation skills. Each smartphone maker used by students has an app with “Notes”. The teacher has introduced a “Notes” app in conversation classes so that students can check their pronunciation.

Students use the “Notes” app to read and record sentences, and they can check their pronunciation by referring to the sentences and letters converted automatically. Then, the teacher corrects the wrong pronunciation. Such as this method, students practice repeatedly.

After the class

After class, the teacher checks the usage of the classroom and disinfects desks and chairs.

In this way, the teachers of the department of Japanese are always trying their best every day so that students can enjoy the class.
Students studying hard in Japan, students planning to study abroad in Japan,
Aiming the dreams,
Don’t give up,
Let’s work hard together
We will always support you!!!
the department of Japanese of Kobe Denshi