【Web Seminar Notice】the human resources in smartphone game industry

We will explain the attractiveness of manufacturing unique and the characteristics of human resources of smartphone games from the perspective of a game consultant.

The Speaker: Mr. Kazushi MIYAKI, the CEO of CREAT LINK Co.,LTD.
 Date & Time: 13:30 pm, Saturday, July 3, 2021 (Japanese Time)
Style of Seminar: Conducted over the internet (Zoom)
Language in Seminar: Conducted in Japanese (No interpretation)

The profile of speaker

Mr. Kazushi MIYAKI, the CEO of CREAT LINK Co.,LTD.

After working for a consulting company and a game development company, he joined GREE, a major SNS company.
In May 2016, he established Craft Link Co., Ltd., and while supporting many projects as a game consultant, he also handles manufacturing as a producer.

The seminar of Kobe Denshi and companies

IT, Robot industry, Game software, Animation, 3DCG, Graphic design, Sound design, Voice acting, Industrial design, Architecture, Interior design are the fields you can learn at Kobe Denshi. Kobe Denshi will invite the creators, programmers, or the staffs in charge of personnel from those fields to talk about what the real work like. This is one of features of career supports the Kobe Denshi provides. Students can understand the industries in which they want to get a job.

Application of Seminar

Telephone:  0120-449-467 (Japanese time: weekday 9:00~17:00)

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※People who are not prospective students of Kobe Denshi also can apply for the seminar. However, there a limit to number of viewers, so please apply for the seminar early.

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