Fight against COVID-19!Interview of International Students in Department of Japanese

The news of COVID-19 is reported on Internet, TV and other media every day. COVEID-19 also causes disorders in our daily life. Especially international students are very upset about this sudden epidemic of COVID19. Due to the impact of the epidemic, the department of Japanese has made a great adjustment!

All classes were suspended in April, but Japanese department successfully shifted classrooms online from May so that students can continue to study Japanese amid the covid-19 outbreak. Although the statement of emergency was lifted in late May, in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19, Japanese department had students come to school for study until noon and had them study online at home in the afternoon.

How are international students doing now? We did some interviews!

Interview of International Students

Today, we will talk about an interesting topic!

About the Special Cash Payment (100,000 Yen) issued by the Japanese government!!

With the end of August, applications are almost completely closed, so what will you do with the 100,000 Yen?

In fact, most international students have part-time jobs to support their living expenses. But now, due to the COVID-19, the part-time job of international students has been greatly affected, and some students even have to resign.

When knew about the special cash payment from news, 「can foreigners also apply?」, 「oh, yeah! This support is very nice!」, The reaction was also mixed.

However, after students applied the special cash payment, and got 100,000 Yen, lots of students spent all in less than a week. What?? Spend money so fast!! What did they do with the money? We conducted random interviews with international students.

【The Special Cash Payment (100,000 Yen)】what do you do with it?

■To pay the rent(from Vietnam)
It’s just the expression is not consistent with the smiling mark in the painting. It seems that the student felt reluctant to do so.

■To study something that I am interesting in (from Vietnam)
The grammar is wrong, forgot the kanji「費」.

Many students seem to use it for their own interests and hobbies!

■To buy new clothes!(from China)
It seems she is very happy!

■To go to Japanese ramen restaurant with friends!(from Vietnam)
What about the rest of the money? No answer here!

■To buy a TV game!(from China)
To answer this without thinking, without hesitation!

■To buy the drink!(from China)
By the way, what’s your favorite Japanese drink?

■To buy Japanese novels!(from China)
He seems to like Japanese novels. Moved by this student.

■To celebrate my birthday, buy a birthday cake and a present!!(from Vietnam)
The interview is just the day before her birthday! Happy Birthday!

■To buy the CD of TWICE(from Taiwan Area)
Got The favorite idol’s CD, looking very happy!

There are also the following students…

■Want to buy a new apple phone. But only 100,000 Yen(from Vietnam)

■Want to buy a new ipad PRO,but it’s not enough with  100,000 Yen (from Vietnam)

There are also students who spent all 100,000 Yen soon after they got the money! What the hell have you done? ?

■To eat Kobe Beef with friends and also drink beer! Very happy to answer the interview! (from Vietnam)
(However, the seats in the dining room were separated by a certain distance, and the talked with each other on Shouting.)
Kobe Beef, it is so enviable!!

It can be seen from the interview that most of international students are still used to subsidize their own daily life. From this interview, would you be in better mood? International students are working hard to live!

What do you want to say to COVID-19?

Living in a foreign country, now, we have to try our best not to go out, and also cannot attend classes with classmates, even cannot play with friends. All activities (bowling contest, hiking, etc.) of the school had to be cancelled. So what do you want to say about the epidemic?

■I want to travel with my Japanese friends!

■I want to have a part-time Job as soon as possible!!

■I want to go bake home…

■COVID-19, get away from us!!
This is really a voice from the bottom of heart…

■I want to travel all over Japan, however, I cannot go anywhere now!
This student looks a little shy.

On the other hand, there are some more positive and encouraging answers.

■Disaster is also an opportunity!!

■Rainbow comes after rain!
Although it is very difficult now, we will overcome it with working together.

The summer vacation of department of Japanese is usually about a month and a half, but this year it was only two weeks. Students cannot return their country, not do the part-time job, and also not travel with friends. We are still not sure when we will return to normal life, anyway,  as long as we believe that there will be a rainbow after the storm, we will always have the most beautiful life!


let’s guess how the Japanese teacher used the special cash payment 100,000 Yen?


First, Mrs. Nagatani

Then, Mrs. Hojoh


Then, Mrs. Adachi


Then, Mrs. Aso

「補填(ほてんhoten)」…Maybe you haven’t learned the word yet.
Can you guess what it means? Look it up in the dictionary!