New Proposal – Kobe Denshi Campus Vol. 5

Explore the Campus of Kobe Denshi with 3D Technology

Kobe Denshi Campus Vol. 5:  the Entrance of Kyoso Kan

Kobe Denshi has a history of 62 years, which has set up 16 departments covering  technology, game, entertainment and design areas. With the rapid development of IT technology, in order to enable students to put what they have learned into practice, Kobe Denshi keeps pace with the times to update teaching facilities and equipment, and enrich the course content.

Today I would like to introduce our new school building, Kyoso Kan. It was officially opened  in April, 2019. There are sketch classroom and the practice room of graphic design from the 2nd floor to the 6th floor. The Entrance is a space for students to  display their works.

Let’s explore the entrance of Kyoso Kan with VR-3D!