3DCG seminar by the famous 3DCG company 「SANZIKEN」× Kobe Denshi !

On Sunday, 27th October, 2020, Mr. Shuishi HEISHI, the director of 「SANZIKEN」that is the famous 3DCG company in Japan and the professional teachers of the department of 3DCG animation of Kobe Denshi held a seminar with very high degree of specialization in acquiring 3DCG technology.

This seminar was conducted over the internet by the event “Anitsuku 2020” that is the most representative event in the Japanese animation. We introduced to the participants the study of 3DCG skills in Kobe Denshi and the image of human resources required by companies.

About 「Anitsuku Event」
The Anitsuku Event is the most representative event in the Japanese animation.
「あにつくイベント」(Anitsuku EVENT)
The HP:

“Anitsuku” is the comprehensive activity for the next generation aiming for animation production and anime fans to show the fun of making animation, the operation of 2D drawing software and 3D animation technology. The Anitsuku event relates to animation production technology, market appeal, human resource discovery and training, etc. It’s sponsored by Too Corporation, and invites famous companies and producers in the animation to introduce about animation production. Since this event started in 2015, it has been receiving a lot of attention from society.

While holding the “Anitsuku Event”, Too Corporation will also hold an animator draft conference. For students in the graduation year, anime companies and producers who participate in the “Anitsuki Event” will set the theme and requirement of work, and evaluate works from students.
The HP of animator draft conference:

Every year, students in the department of 3DCG animation of Kobe Denshi actively participate animator draft conference and always have achieved good results. As a result, the organizers became very interested in “What do those students study about 3DCG technology in Kobe Denshi?”. Therefore, Kobe Denshi participated the 6th “Anitsuku Event” held on September 27, 2020, and showed to everyone about the study of the department 3DCG animation.
「Anitsuku 2020」:

Theme: The learn system about Kobe Denshi that brought up students to take excellent results in animator draft conference
Mr. Shuishi HEISHI, the director of 「SANZIKEN」
Mr. Shinji YAMAMOTO, the leader of the department of 3DCG animation
Mr. Yuya TANAKA, professional teacher of the department of 3DCG animation
Mr. Hideki MATSUOKA, the planner of Company Collaboration Group

(studying at school)

The seminar on September 27th was held with online for those who only applied for participation. However, now we will provide you with a recorded video of the seminar for free. If you are interested in the 3DCG, don’t miss this opportunity!
The application Method for the recorded video of the seminar:

PS: Only for those who are interested in 3DCG and also apply to us.