2020 Graduation Ceremony of Department of Japanese

The Department of Japanese, as the name implies, is for international students who want to learn Japanese. Therefore, there are students from China, Taiwan, Vietnam, South Korea, Mongolia and other countries and regions.

Special Graduation Ceremony

On March 12, 2020, the graduation ceremony of Kobe Denshi was held.
Everyone has welcome to this day with various memories.
The ceremony proceeded in a solemn atmosphere.
Only the representatives of the department will be awarded a diploma on the stage on this day to prevent infection.

Carrying all the memories of over 60 graduates, Mr. HIEU from Viet Nam, as the representative of department of Japanese was awarded the diploma.

Diploma Award

After the graduation ceremony, students returned school, and every graduate was awarded the diploma. As a souvenir and unexpected surprise, department of Japanese also made the graduation album, which contains all kinds of wonderful memories of study and life in Japan.

The last time in school

2020 was a tough year and a special year. The school canceled all events, and reduced many communication activities in the classroom. Then, online classes, avoid going out and so on, students lost a lot of fun in Japanese life.

The 2020 graduation ceremony of 2020 may be different from the ceremony you imagined, however, Graduation is the end and also the start. We hope the graduates will have a better life in a new stage!