2020 Graduation Presentation in Department of Japanese

The Department of Japanese, as the name implies, is for international students who want to learn Japanese. Therefore, there are students from China, Taiwan, Vietnam, South Korea, Mongolia and other countries and regions.

Graduation Presentation

In the department of Japanese, everyone is supposed to give a speech before graduation.
The theme is 『the story about one photo』.
Students will select one photo and give a speech.
Based on the concept of “expressing emotions”, students will work on selecting photos, creating manuscript contents, and starting the speech in January.

  1. Class Presentation

First of all, the presentation will be hold in every class. Before the presentation, the order will be decided.

Draw lottery・・・

Decide the order

Then, the presentation will be started after 5 days.
Students should give the speech without manuscript.

The representative selected from every class will attend the Graduation Presentation.
In this time, 12 representatives were selected.

  1. Graduation Presentation.

At Thursday, February 18th, 2021, the 12 representatives gave the speech.

Every year, students of first year always visit the graduation presentation. However, in 2020, for the COVID-19, we hold it only for students of second year to avoid crowding.

Before start, the presenters were preparing at the last minutes.

First, a greeting from the principal.
In 2020, we couldn’t hold an event because of COVID-19, so it’s been a while since students heard the principal’s speech.

The following pictures are the 12 representatives.

After all the presentations are finished, the award winners will be decided by the votes of the students and teachers.

The first-prize winner is Haowen WANG from China.
The theme is 「the light」. The story is about grandfather who left the world.

The fighting-spirit award is LE TRUNG HIEU. The story is about the first photo after he came to Japan.
The pose which he done on purpose invited everyone to laugh.

The content of each student’s speech is very touching.
Everyone is actively getting used to Japanese environment after coming to Japan, and they are learning something every day.